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    China’s education is largest online Chinese education platform in Pakistan. By virtue of the advantages of internet platform, the content of Chinesebon and advantages of teachers, we are committed to building the first brand of Chinese teaching in Pakistan. Chinese courses in primary and secondary schools closely integrate with Pakistan’s education system and take into full consideration of the psychological development and learning characteristics of teenagers. College Chinese courses, business Chinese courses for adults, HSK courses and crash course in Chinese take full account of the learning objectives and practicability of different crowds. China’s education builds the friendship bridge between the people of Pakistan and China depending on Chinese teaching.

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Joël Bellassen
Joël Bellassen, is the first Inspector General in Chinese Language Teaching at the Ministry of Education (France), Vice President of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and a famous Sinologist in France. He is responsible for formulating and revising the teaching program and examination syllabus of Chinese language teaching in France, as well as assessment and employment of Chinese teaching faculty. He is a former professor at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, the first Ph.D. supervisor of Chinese language teaching in all of Europe, as well as founder and the first President of the Association Francaise des Professeurs de Chinois (AFPC). He has authored more than ten monographs such as The Instructions for Chinese Grammar, The Ideography of Chinese Language and The Word Interpretation Dictionaries. Since its publication in 1989, the Méthode d'initiation à la langue et à l'écriture chinoises which he wrote has become one of the most popular textbooks in French schools. He has published more than 60 academic articles.
Zhou Xiaobing
Ph.D. supervisor; Dean of School of International Chinese Studies, and Director of Research and Development and Training Base of International Chinese Textbooks. He is also a member of the National MTCSOL Education Steering Committee and Vice President of the Guangdong Chinese Language Association. He is a part-time professor at Wuhan University, South China University of Technology and Yanbian University.
Wu Yongyi
Professor, Ph.D. and Ph.D. supervisor. He currently serves as Dean of the International College of Chinese Studies of the East China Normal University. He has participated in international academic conferences numerous times and was invited to give lectures in the United States, Italy, Vietnam, Chile and Argentina. He has served as the main examiner for the selection of Chinese teachers who are going abroad to study for several years on government sponsored education programs. He participated in the planning of the World Chinese Conference and international promotion of Chinese language, which was launched by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, as well as drafting and formulation of important documents such as The Standard for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
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Chinesebon class is a remote teaching tool. Students sit in the classroom of their own school and enjoy the classes of famous Chinese teachers from Beijing, China.
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