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About Us




Jointly established by Sinolingua Co., Ltd. and Zhongtou Video Co., Ltd. under CNLive, Beijing Sinolingua Times Co., Ltd. is an internet company and a high-tech company of Beijing specialized in online education and multimedia services.

The company has a strong background and unique advantages in Chinese online education and mobile multimedia & video fields, of which the Chinese online education covers Chinesebon teaching platform, Chinesebon cloud courses, digital media and other products. The company is committed to building the first global platform for online Chinese learning.

Headquartered in Beijing, the company has set up subsidiaries and business centers in Australia, Korea and other places.




On Chinesebon, You can learn Chinese from one-on-one experienced local teachers in China or self-study Chinese through a large number of on-demand classes and open classes. Besides learning, you can make friends with other Chinese fans all over the world in the Chinese learning community and further improve your Chinese skills.

We offer well-designed systematic courses, 16 levels in total ranging from basic to advanced level with high quality. You can gain Chinese skills here no matter for your career or personal interest.



Provide professional Chinese learning operation services for overseas Chinese schools and institutions. Help schools and institutions build their exclusive online schools through the internet platform.

At the same time, enrich the Chinese teaching resources of overseas schools and institutions with the numerous learning resources of Chinesebon could courses, and offer learner-oriented quality services.


CNtextbook is a learning tool that helps students to do their homework, which can match with the supporting smart Chinese teaching materials. After the students take and upload the photos of the completed homework, the teachers can correct their homework at any time. Students can also record their questions in Chinese learning and get answers from the teachers at any time.


It is developed to help teachers simplify roll call, monitor the course and class attendance status in real time; help teaching administration department to collect attendance data, carry out real-time early warning for potential attendance issues and realize intelligent attendance management.


Provide information sharing platform services for Chinese learners and educators across the world, promote Chinese teaching and international exchanges & cooperation among colleges and universities, standardize Chinese offline evaluation and selection and gather relevant digital publishing industry and international Chinese software applications to build an industrialized, professional and socialized alliance system, implement resource sharing mechanism, comprehensively build Chinese learning industrial ecosystem, realize cross-industry integration and achieve win-win situation with synergy.

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