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Course Details

(1)Course Introduction

Chinesebon – Chinese Course for Middle School is designed for Pakistan’s middle school students. The full course is divided into three parts (Part I, Part II and Part III), and the course’s content design for each part is relevant to Pakistan’s education system, including teaching materials, student activity manuals, supplementary materials and other such items. The course teaching time for each part is one semester (90-100 hours), and the full course set is available in three grades.

This course focuses on topics:

Each course part is divided into 8 units and each unit consists of 3 related texts. The topic is related to common topics in daily life of Pakistani students and refers to standards and requirements of learning foreign languages for Pakistani middle school students.

Focus on language projects:

Language projects are the basis for accomplishing topic communication. This course refers to the language syllabus for foreign language learning in middle school in Pakistan, and selects 455 basic Chinese characters, 700 core words and 279 common sentence patterns.

Take cultural content as the basic element:

This course lays emphasis on cultural content, which is presented in a manner combining language learning objectives, teaching objectives and teaching environment.

In conclusion, this course adopts a comprehensive framework based on daily communication topics for middle school students, with the basic language project as the core and cultural content as basic elements. The design concept keeps pace with the times while language knowledge is solid and scientific, and cultural connotation makes everything rich and vivid.

(2) Teaching Suggestions

First year: Take 90-100 hours to complete Part I.

Master approximately 145 Chinese characters, 237 new words and 91 sentence patterns.

Second year: Take 90-100 hours to complete Part II.

Master approximately 150 Chinese characters , 233 new words and 93 sentence patterns.

Third year: Take 90-100 hours to complete Part III

 Master approximately 160 Chinese characters, 230 new words and 95 sentence patterns.

Three years of study can lay a good foundation and successfully match HSK system requirements.

(3) Course Arrangement

Course Arrangement for Middle School Chinese   Course


Total Class Hours

Formal Class



















(4) Textbook

Voyages in Chinese For Middle School Students

A total of 3 textbooks and 3 exercise books for three years of secondary school.

(5) Test Evaluation

Each lesson will provide students with a variety of exercises to further enhance the teaching content; monthly tests will be conducted for evaluating staged learning and teaching results; interim and final exams will be conducted with evaluation methods consistent with local school evaluation methods.

Course Outline

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Unit 1  Job Application and Recommendation

Unit 2 Community and Services

Unit 3 Health and Leisure

Unit 4  School and Society

Unit 5  Celebrities and Fashion

Unit 6  Information and Services

Unit 7  News and Internet

Unit 8  Job and Future

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