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This is the University level systematic Chinese Course designed for adults who are beginners, to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The classroom opts for a task-oriented teaching concept and emphasizes interactivity.

(1) Course Introduction

(2) Teaching Suggestions

This course is divided into 4 stages.

Foundation Year: Contemporary Chinese 1

Freshman: Contemporary Chinese 2

Sophomore: Contemporary Chinese 3

Junior: Contemporary Chinese 4

(3) Course Arrangement

(4) Textbooks

Contemporary Chinese 1-4

(5) Test Evaluation

Course Outline


Unit 0 Preparation

Unit 1Hello!

  1.1What's your name?

  1.2 What's your surname?

  1.3 Language Points

Unit 2 Glad to Meet You!

  2.1 I work in an import and export corporation

  2.2 Eastern College is big and beautiful

  2.3  Language Points

Unit 3 How Many People Are There in Your Family?

  3.1 The child is cute

  3.2 How many students are there in your university?

  3.3  Language Points

Unit 4 I Want to Go to China

  4.1 Do you want the Chinese one or the English one?

  4.2 This dictionary is very useful

  4.3  Language Points

Unit 5 Can You Make It Cheaper?

  5.1 How much is this white shirt?

  5.2 What's the most delicious dish?

  5.3  Language Points

Unit 6 What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow?

  6.1 I have an appointment tomorrow evening

  6.2 I would like to invite you for a cup of coffee

  6.3  Language Point

Unit 7 When Will You Come Back?

  7.1 I'll come back before July 1“

  7.2 She is thin and tall

  7.3  Language Points

Unit 8  Is There a Bank Nearby?

  8.1  Go ahead, and turn right

  8.2 W can get there by subway

  8.3  Language Point


Unit 1 Have You Ever Climbed the Great Wall?

  1.1 I've raised birds before

  1.2 You must be very familiar with Beijing by now?

  1.3  Language Points

Unit 2  IS Everyone Here?

  2.1 She went to the hospital

  2.2  What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

  2.3  Language Points

Unit 3 When Did They Arrive?

  3.1 They took the train here

  3.2 When did you borrow this book?

  3.3  Language Points

Unit 4 You're Dressed So Beautifully Today

  4.1 She sings very well

  4.2 Martin is speaking Chinese especially fiuently today

  4.3  Language Points

Unit 5 The Weather in My Hometown Is Better Than Here

  5.1 It's not so hot in my hometown

  5.2 Is the weather in your hometown the same as here?

  5.3  Language Points  

Unit 6 My Hometown Is in the Northeast

  6.1 There's a mountain on the north side ofmy house and a river on the south side

  6.2 Is your home far from the sea?

  6.3  Language Points

Unit 7 I Have Studied Chinese for Halfa Year

  7.1 Practice Chinese for two hours each time

  7.2 OK. I'Il say it once again

  7.3  Language Points

Unit 8 The Train Tickets Are Sold Out

  8.1 All the activities have already been scheduled

  8.2 W both fell down

  8.3  Language Points

Unit 9 You Can Move in Right Away

  9.1Can we take this contract back for a look?

  9.2 Please buy and install it soon

  9.3  Language Points

Unit 10 I'm Afraid I Don't Understand

  10.1 Can you get the tickets?

  10.2  Too tired to even speak

  10.3 Language Point

Unit 11 I've Left My Wallet in the Car

  11.1 Where did you put your wallet?

  11.2 I'll bring the wallet over to you immediately

  11.3  Language Points

Unit 12 I Was Nearly Hit by a Car

  12.1 The bicycle was missing

  12.2  All the fish in the river were killed by poison

  12.3 Language Points


Unit 1 A Red Leaf

  Maple Leaves Are More Beautiful than Flowers

  A Red Leafls a Heart

  Language points

Unit 2 Radish with a Fancy Core

  What Does He Know as a Baby?

  The Choice at One Reveals a Child's Future

  Language points

Unit 3 Chinglish

  Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

  English "Putonghua"

  Language points

Unit 4 Each Has His Own Likes

  What Don't You Understand?

  Radish or Vegetable, to Each His Own

  Language points

Unit 5 Getting Lost

  Do I Have to Take All These Things?

  I Often Get Lost

  Language points

Unit 6 Keep in Touch

  An Email

  Language points

Unit 7 All Under Heaven Are One Family

  You Can't Use the Name马克思

  Rules for Choosing Names

  Language points

Unit 8 Legends about the Dragon Boat Festival

  Why Do They Throw Rice?

  Legend ofthe White Snake

  Language points

Unit 9 Confucius Moving His House

  Who Is Confucius?

  The Shixi Study Room

  Language points

Unit 10 Part-time Work and Part-time Study

  They Do Every Possible Job


Unit 1 Meaning of Work

  Word practice

Unit 2Human Problem

  Word practice

Unit 3 The Sandwich Generation

  Word practice

Unit 4 Hope

  Word practice

Unit 5 Winning the Lottery

  Word practice

Unit 6 A Dialogue Between Two Towers

  Word practice

 Unit 7 Online, Offline

  Word practice

Unit 8 Gender Equality

  Word practice……

Unit 9 DINK Family

  Word practice

Unit 10 Simple Is Best

  Word practice

Unit 11 Life and Death

  Word practice

Unit 12 When in Rome

   Word practic

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