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Hello!Brothers from Pakistan!

Hello! Brothers from Pakistan!This is the greeting from Chinesebon class !

The Chinesebon Class (pk.class.chinesebon.com) comes from Beijing, China, and is a platform for Pakistani friends to learn Chinese. Through collaboration with universities, secondary schools, elementary schools and educational institutions in Pakistan, the Chinesebon Class provides the best Chinese language teaching to students, staff and government personnel through online and offline services.

The teachers here will teach you to speak fluent Chinese. As we all know, there are many dialects in Chinese. Many Chinese learners have studied for many years before they know they are wrong. Our teacher provides the most authentic teaching of Mandarin. They are experienced and professional teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. We will also provide the most direct assistance for Chinese learners in Pakistan to participate in HSK, study and work in China.

Learn Chinese, welcome to China!

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